A few words about
Transylvania in Ruins...

How was
the project born?

It is said that in every bad situation, there is also some good.
This is exactly how the idea of the Transylvania in Ruins initiative came to life.

The coronavirus pandemic and the closed borders in early 2020 prompted us to return to our roots. We turned our gaze towards our own homeland, towards Transylvania.

Combining the passion for writing, photography, travel, nature, rural environment, history and mystery, Transylvania in Ruins is the result of an elaborate „recipe”, crafted with great care.


Why not discover and, furthermore, promote the historical monuments left to fall prey to time?

We have a wonderful country, with its amazing Transylvania, adorned with dozens of architectural jewels left as heritage by our ancestors, whether they were Romanian, Hungarian, Saxon, or of other ethnicities.

Regardless of whether you are young or old, this portal is intended for all those who love and appreciate history, cultural treasures, and inherited precious vestiges.

We are all responsible for our surroundings; it is our duty to protect the historical monuments left neglected either by authorities or by the indifference of inheritors.

What is the purpose of the initiative?

The people needs to be informed because many of us may not have even heard of a good portion of the monuments featured here.

Transylvania in Ruins is an interactive opportunity to showcase dozens of fabulous locations and to point out the deplorable state in which the majority of these sites are found.

Even though the odds are slim, attempting to salvage what can be saved from these highly valuable vestiges is not impossible. Transylvania in Ruins is just the absolutely necessary first step!

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